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The at command allows programs to be scheduled at a certain time. The at command takes a time as its argument. After pressing return the commands to be executed can be entered, followed by a CTRL-D on an emty line.

The time can be specified in the form HH:MMgif, followed by an optional date in the form month name day of month, followed by an optional increment. The increment is preceeded by a '+' followed by a number or the special word next and one of the words: minute[s], hour[s], day[s], week[s], month[s], year[s].

To find out what jobs are scheduled with at we can run at -l. To remove jobs from the queue, we can run at -r followed by the jobs number gained from at -l.

Mark O. Stitson
Wed Sep 25 10:45:32 BST 1996